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Name: Mr. Brown
Age: 5
Physical Description: A 3ft tall stuffed animal in the shape of a anthropomorphic brown rabbit. The right side of his face is missing (Starting from the center of the top of his head and going down diagonally to the cheek bone). It's been sewn up, but some jagged patches stick up. Brown is also missing his right forearm, though it's been replaced with a meat cleaver (He sewed his cloth around the hilt). His left arm doesn't have a hand (He just wasn't made that way) but he can cause it to fold inwards thus allowing him to grab objects. Mr. Brown also has a zipper that goes from his neck to the bottom of his torso. He keeps his sewing kit in there.
Chosen by: The Book
Gift description: A normal magical page from a universe manipulating book :/

Personality: Mr. Brown seems like a fairly happy person who always looks at the bright side of things. He does things at his own pace and prefers not to take anything too seriously. This rabbit also tends to talk, a lot. His mouth has two settings. Short joke, and long speech. The latter tends to be made up of the former.

He's not much different from a normal person, but when something upsets him he doesn't have a limiter that says "Do not kill". In fact, that's the base reaction when something upsets him too much (except children). He won't go on a mass killing spree for no reason, but he is a killer by nature.

History: I dislike filling out history, and prefer to reveal my character in my writing. I have, however, written some notable things in his history that I will send to the judges and whoever I'm up against


-Animated Stuffed Animal: A magically animated stuffed animal, Mr. Brown is fast and highly resistant to blunt force and bullets. Of course, swords and fire will show him a thing or two, and water will slow him down greatly. Due to his light weight, he's incredibly fast and his strength is reasonable. Of course, lacking nerves, he can't feel any sort of physical pain. He can control parts of his body that have been chopped off or otherwise missing.

-Stuffing Manipulation: In the story Mr. Brown is from, it is tradition for children to receive a animated stuffed animal. These function as the "Pets" of that world. They are composed of two parts. The cotton "Innards", which function as muscles, brain and skeleton, and the cloth "Skin" which provides energy for the cotton inside. Cotton can exist outside the cloth for 30 seconds before becoming inert (But once placed back inside become animated again).

Mr. Brown can manipulate his stuffing to form any sort of shape he wants, and he can even focus energy to make it as hard/sharp as steel. Though he has a limited amount of cotton to work with, it's much more then one would expect from an animal his size.
He really just wants to get out of the book, but won't deny that trying to escape is going to be fun.

Reference art by the WONDERFUL Apple-Autumn: [link]

For :icontbos-oct:
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April 17, 2011
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