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A faint scream aroused Samuel from a peaceful sleep. The boy was dazed at first, and didn't register what he had heard. It didn't click until he heard another one coming from downstairs. The boy threw his covers off and flung his door open. He knew something was wrong and was about to find out what it was.

He ran as fast as he could through the upper floor of the house, and practically jumped to the bottom of the stairs. Another scream rang out from the living room, and this time it didn't motivate him forward. Something terrible was happening. Did he want that to happen to himself?

Samuel's curiosity was a strong thing, though, and he tip-toed across the green carpet until he reached the end of the hallway. Carefully, the child peered around the corner. Moonlight shone through a broken window, casting long shadows of everything in the room. A small figure stood in the center of this mass of shadows, silhouetted by the full moon.

This thing stood over the body of someone Samuel knew very well. Ms. Daisy, the stuffed flower laid at the feet of this monster. The poor boy couldn't help but let out a gasp. He tried to cover his mouth with both hands after, as if try to stuff the sound back in his throat. But it was too late.

A tendril flew out of the killer of his best friend and, with lightning speed, wrapped around Samuel. As much as he struggled, he couldn't escape his surprisingly gentle grasp. He was slowly carried in front of the killer. As he was moved into position, clouds moved away from the moon, revealing who it really was.

A small, stuffed rabbit. Brown and with a smile on his face, despite what appeared to be horrible damages. The tendril that had grabbed him came out of where his right ear would be. Actually, the entire right side of his face was missing, loosely sewn back together.

Another one of these cotton tendrils erupted from that side of his face and grabbed one end of the red rug on the floor. Samuel was moved to the rug by one appendage and the other rolled the rug around him. The rabbit undid his own zipper, and while the two cotton strands held the struggling boy in place, he took out a sewing kit and sealed the carpet with great speed.

As if in a rush, as soon as Samuel was effectively bound the tendrils reached back inside of his captor. This brown bunny then lifted up the prison with his 'hands' and leaned it on a wall so that Samuel was upright. The brown butcher stepped back and grinned.

"There! All tucked in!" He proclaimed.

Samuel wasn't paying attention to his words, though. He was wildly moving around trying to escape this horrible person.

"Calm down, Sam, I'm not going to hurt you." The rabbit assured.
Off course, the boy didn't stop trying. Not until he caught something he had said. The child scowled at the 3ft menace

"How do you know my name?" Samuel asked.

The rabbit's grin grew even bigger.

"Great to finally meet you! My name in Mr. Brown. I'd shake your hand or give you a hug, but I don't think I can let you down. Plus, we can't have you running around after your bedtime."

If he wasn't so scared, then Sam would be annoyed that 'Mr. Brown' hadn't answered his question. The boy scanned his living room for anything he could use to get out. It was only then that he realized the full gravity of what had happened here.
Ms. Daisy lay flat as a blanket on the ground, all her stuffing removed. Her cloth lay there limp and ripped in many areas. Something connected in Samuel's mind. The boy gasped.

"You…! Mr. Ruffles? Ms. Fluff? M-"

"Yes, yes. They were all me." Mr. Brown interrupted.

Samuel stared in shock, but regained himself fast.

"Why did you kill Susie and Elizabeth's friends?!" Samuel demanded.

The stuffed rabbit turned away from the boy on the wall. There was a brief pause before he spoke.

"Let me tell you a story before you go to bed." He began.

"There was once a happy family living only a few hours from here. There was a Mommy and a Daddy and a brother and a sister. They even had a stuffed animal like you used to have! The pet loved the kids, and the kids loved the pet."

Samuel had already discarded the possibility that Mr. Brown was anything like a normal person. So it surprised him when the stuffed animal let out what sounded like a regretful sigh, and turned back around to face the child.

"But the Mommy and the Daddy didn't like the stuffed animal. They said that he causing trouble, even though all he did everyday was play and play and play with the kids. So they took the poor, loving and handsome pet and…."

Mr. Brown was sent flying into the kitchen. Sam's Dad stood where he once was, baseball bat in hand. He had struck the monster with a solid blow. Dad was a strong person, so it was easy for him to lift his son out of the carpet. He set him down and asked if his son was okay. Sam could only manage a nod a smile, and that was all he had time for before his Dad went off to see if the maniacal stuffed animal was dead.

The rabbit stood himself up rather quickly. 'At least it wasn't sharp' he thought to himself. Oh, great. Sam's Dad was running at him again. That's what he got for trying to put the kid back to sleep? Don't these people pay other human's to tuck kids in and tell them stories before they go to bed? More double standards, then.

The baseball bat came at him fast from above, so he rolled to the side. The ceramic floor cracked from the swing from his new enemy. Mr. Brown didn't want to kill him because he knew all too well that would make poor Samuel very unhappy. There would be no escaping through the window. He didn't want to take his chances with the broken glass again. And there was no way he was getting to the front door.

Another swing from the bat came at his left side. Mr. Brown leapt up twice his own height and landed on the kitchen counter. He flung a nearby cabinet open, the door slamming right in his attacker's face and sending him reeling. The stuffed animal used this distraction to run upstairs. The steps were a bit big for him but he was very flexible. His legs reached all the way up to his head and he was able to cross two steps at a time.

As he bounded up towards his escape route he heard the big man chasing him. Fast. Despite being very fast for his size, Sam's Dad was positively flying up these stairs. Just when Mr. Brown reached the top and turned towards the numerous doors along the same path upstairs, the bat came right in front of his face.

There was no dodging it this time, and he slammed against the wall, the muffled sound of the bat hitting a wall could be heard throughout the entire house. It had struck Mr. Brown right in the chest. He lay there, pinned against the wall. Suddenly, in one fluid motion, the rabbit swung his legs up, knocking the bat away. His double kick turned into a flip, and both feet were planted on the wall.

Before he fell, Mr. Brown grabbed the father's bat and pushed with his legs off the wall, sending the man flying down the stairs. It might hurt, but he wouldn't be dead. Still, from what the little monster had seen, it wouldn't be long before he got back up. He turned around to try and make it to the nearest room and a window to escape out of, but came face to face with a woman in a nightgown.

"Oh, come on!" Was all Mr. Brown was able to say before she kicked him towards the opposite wall he had just been pinned on. He recovered quickly and looked around again for a way out. He found it. The Mother had left her door half open, and he was right next to it. The stuffed animal ran through it, bounding for the window on the other side of the room.

He took no more than a few steps into the room when he felt his ear being grabbed, and then pulled. The Woman had chased him and now threw him towards a bookshelf. He made contact, and landed on the ground. Mr. Brown felt his eye take the majority of the force, so he was more than a little disoriented.

The stuffed animal's ear still rang from being grabbed, but he could faintly hear wood creaking. He regained his senses just in time to see the bookshelf falling down on top of him. Mr. Brown met his fate with a grimace.


It was bright. All was a blinding white. There was nothing but this aura all around him. It was only then that the monstrous animated toy realized that he wasn't crushed. He knew he had felt at least one book land on him, though.

After a quick glance around, the rabbit decided that he was either dead or escaped. If this was the afterlife, Mr. Brown wasn't impressed. But slowly, his eyes adjusted. Letters and words and sentences and entire stories began to take form. Then pictures. There were so many pictures that they all blended into one beautiful piece of art.
It was only then that he noticed that it was getting bigger. Or…

"Ah! I don't want to go towards the light!"

But there was no stopping it. He was dragged in by a force far too powerful for his air-swim to take him away from it. As he fell, Mr. Brown looked around for anything he could grab. Eventually, his hand planted itself onto one of the many pages around him. But it wasn't enough. As the force pulled him into the story, the page he was holding onto for dear life practically slid with him, leaving all the words and pictures on it behind. They quickly dispersed as Mr. Brown was finally sucked into The Book of Stories.
I'll probably try to edit this or something.


Either way, not overly happy with this. I was hoping for more talking. Also, I didn't know how to put my character in the book without setting in stone where he was, so I sorta just stopped in before.

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